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Blog: July 2011 Archive

Statetris Reloaded

Statetris never turned out the way I intented it to be. Sure, the idea was sound. When I first launched it in 2007 it was a top story on Digg. The iPhone version got far less traction. Of course, educational gaming is a niche market, but it surely does not help that I was late at entering iPhone development and rushed the game into the app store as fast as possible.

Lately I have been working on correcting the situation. The goals are:

  1. Visual refresh: a complete graphic overhaul. The current graphics, though functional, look horrible.
  2. One app for all: at the time there were no in-app purchases, so I released a separate app per map. Now, there will be one app containing all maps. A lite/free app containing some teaser map is likely to follow.
  3. Universal app — support for iPad

Here are the first results:

For reference, this is how things looked before:

All of this is nearing completion. I could still use some beta testers though. If you're interested, let me know. Please state the device(s) (e.g. iPhone 4, iPad 1) you will be testing on.

— Posted by Raymond Penners on July 17, 2011