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Statetris Reloaded

Statetris never turned out the way I intented it to be. Sure, the idea was sound. When I first launched it in 2007 it was a top story on Digg. The iPhone version got far less traction. Of course, educational gaming is a niche market, but it surely does not help that I was late at entering iPhone development and rushed the game into the app store as fast as possible.

Lately I have been working on correcting the situation. The goals are:

  1. Visual refresh: a complete graphic overhaul. The current graphics, though functional, look horrible.
  2. One app for all: at the time there were no in-app purchases, so I released a separate app per map. Now, there will be one app containing all maps. A lite/free app containing some teaser map is likely to follow.
  3. Universal app — support for iPad

Here are the first results:

For reference, this is how things looked before:

All of this is nearing completion. I could still use some beta testers though. If you're interested, let me know. Please state the device(s) (e.g. iPhone 4, iPad 1) you will be testing on.

— Posted by Raymond Penners on July 17, 2011

Country flags

Added a puzzle game using which you can learn the country flags. You are presented with a random country flag, and have to chose what country belongs to it. Head over to:

— Posted by Raymond Penners on April 5, 2010

Statetris USA for iPhone

Statetris USA has been ported to the iPhone (and iPod touch), and is now available for download via the AppStore. If there is sufficient demand for a game like that, we'll start porting the other versions as well.


— Posted by Raymond Penners on November 1, 2009

Statetris China

It has been rather quiet on this site, but with the Olympics going on I could not resist! So here it is, Statetris China:


— Posted by Raymond Penners on August 22, 2008

Montenegro & Statetris Italy

On popular demand, here's Statetris Italy! Additionally, Statetris Europe has been updated to include the formerly missing country Montenegro.


— Posted by Raymond Penners on January 16, 2008

Rio de Statetris

These days it only takes a few hours to whip up a new version of Statetris. So here we have another one, Statetris-Brazil!


— Posted by Raymond Penners on October 6, 2007

Statetris visits Germany

Another week, another Statetris. This time, Germany is up...


— Posted by Raymond Penners on October 4, 2007

Japanese Statetris

Statetris number 8 has arrived. It does not feature any states, countries, counties or provinces. Instead, it features the so-called prefectures of Japan!


— Posted by Raymond Penners on September 22, 2007

Statetris South Carolina

A special edition of Statetris has been added, dedicated to Miss Teen USA - South Carolina. For those wondering what Miss Teen USA has to do with geography, you should really have a look at the video.

Additionally, the Hollywood sign scroller has been quietly resurrected in a slightly degraded form. Due to trademark issues surrounding the Hollywood sign, we were forced to stop the service. Now, it is back, modified such that it does not display the word "Hollywood" anymore. Sad but true...

— Posted by Raymond Penners on September 12, 2007

Statetris visits the UK and the Netherlands

In Statetris Europe, both the UK and the Netherlands were depicted as tiny sprites falling down the screen. Now, both countries have been promoted by having their own stand-alone Statetris version. The Netherlands is relatively simple due to the low number of provinces, so that version also features the capitals of each province.

Statetris-Netherlands Statetris-UK

— Posted by Raymond Penners on August 20, 2007