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Blog: September 2007 Archive

Japanese Statetris

Statetris number 8 has arrived. It does not feature any states, countries, counties or provinces. Instead, it features the so-called prefectures of Japan!


— Posted by Raymond Penners on September 22, 2007

Statetris South Carolina

A special edition of Statetris has been added, dedicated to Miss Teen USA - South Carolina. For those wondering what Miss Teen USA has to do with geography, you should really have a look at the video.

Additionally, the Hollywood sign scroller has been quietly resurrected in a slightly degraded form. Due to trademark issues surrounding the Hollywood sign, we were forced to stop the service. Now, it is back, modified such that it does not display the word "Hollywood" anymore. Sad but true...

— Posted by Raymond Penners on September 12, 2007